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When it is a viable option, it is best for you to do what you can to escape your abusers. However, this is not the case in all situations. Abusers repeatedly go to extremes to prevent their victims from leaving. In fact, leaving an abuser is the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence. One study found in interviews with men who have killed their wives that either threats of separation by their partner or actual separations were most often the precipitating events that lead to the murder.
The Tribe Circle mitigates this risk by protecting women and children abuse victims and survivors. We have a task force of Volunteers, Counselors and Protection Specialist to keep you safe and support you after a decision has been made to leave an abusive environment. We are here to build a circle of trust and protection around you, this often starts with our Critical Response & Extraction Team and a Counselor to securely extract you from where the abuse is happening, transport you to a safe house location, accompany you to a hospital and court cases.

How it Works

Critical Response & Extraction Team (CRET)

At The Tribe Circle (TTC) we understand getting out of an abusive relationship, trafficking or stalking situation isn’t easy, but you deserve to live free of fear. If you make the decision to leave an abusive partner or family member we’re here to support and protect you. Once you contact us your protection begins. A TTC representative will work with you to coordinate a time to dispatch our response team to your location. Don’t worry, our specialist are armed trained personnel, ready to aid and protect you during this process.  Once we arrive, and if you want, we’ll attempt to coordinate the removal of your personal belongings if applicable and safe to do so. Our specialist will transport you to one of our safe houses, the hospital or another predetermined location.