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Domestic Violence Incident Tracking & Reporting

We want you to be safe in any situation. In some cases it may not be safe or financially possible to escape your abuser, The Tribe Circle’s Domestic Violence Tracker & Safety Monitoring (ITSM) system will allow you to keep track of abuse incidents. In some localities tracking these incidents may be required by law for police reporting purposes. Even if this is not required for you, keeping track of these incidents is a good idea. There may not be a lot of safe places to track these without your abuser knowing especially if you are unable to escape your environment. With our tracking and reporting system you are able to upload photo evidence and summarize what took place. This information can be easily exported for police, lawyers and other concerned parties. The Tribe Circle Safety Team actively monitors submissions. In case of emergencies we’ll share relevant information with authorities on your behalf. Your information is safe with us, We use 256-bit SSL protection and strict, high levels of security & encryption standards to keep your information safe. 

Domestic Violence Safety Monitoring

Safety Monitoring is always optional. When reporting an incident you will be asked if you want to opt-in to safety monitoring. If you decide to opt-in, The Tribe Circle Safety & Advocacy team members will conduct safety check-ins by phone, email or text discretely at a predetermined frequency. If we determine during a call that there is an emergency we’ll share that information with authorities.

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