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Personal Protection Specialist

The Tribe Circle Personal Protection Specialist operates with integrity and exceptional discretion. Works with moderate supervision, researches, assesses and assists with reports and advisories on security risks to abuse victims/survivors and their immediate family and safe houses. Reports credible awareness of potentially imminent security situations, sensitive developments and complex threat issues. Identifies, reports to supervision emerging security threats and trends impacting others that may be applicable to their assigned victim/survivor and monitors as directed. Keeps abreast of changing domestic and geopolitical events which could impact stability and operations.

Assist in conducting research into various reference archives and databases to extract information contributing to threat and risk analysis or due diligence of background investigations. Establishes and maintains liaison throughout appropriate company functional entities and external counterparts.

The ideal candidate will have experience in protective service operations in support of the abuse victims, their families, and working with local law enforcement. Contributes to protective programs to include personal protection, corporate and residential environments, event security; ground and air transportation, Critical Response and Extraction and special projects. Contributes to a standard of measurement in quality and effectiveness as it relates to protective services. Monitors the installation and operational instruction of security equipment in sensitive environments. Participates in the skill set development opportunities, assessments, training.

Personal Protection Specialists are responsible for enhancing safety and security by remaining alert at all times. They also play a crucial role in adding comfort and convenience to the lives of those they serve.

  • Provide a safe and protective environment for abuse victims and staff of the company
  • Remain ready to provide safe, defensive driving for victims, clients and staff to and from court, extraction location, hospitals and special events
  • Conduct advance special event surveys in preparation for victim extractions
  • Provide executive protection and logistics support, as needed
  • Serve as primary center point for disseminating accurate information regarding security-related incidents which may occur while in the field
  • Coordinate contingency plans and emergency medical response for security incidents while in the field
  • Under proper direction implement security and access control procedures of appropriate safe house residences or temporary meeting locations to ensure safety
  • Make recommendations for the improvement of security measures
  • Assist in the identification and assessment of potential security threats in locations of interest, providing situations and timely information to aid decisions on security postures
  • Possess a ‘customer service’ acumen
  • Ability to work independently and to adapt to various work spaces while always maintaining a high-level of attentiveness, energy and professionalism

Physical Readiness

  • As a function of the role, must be able to maintain physical readiness to respond to security incidents or hazard at all times
  • Maintain the ability to stand for several hours in support of protective coverage

Basic Qualifications

  • At least two years’ experience as an Protection or Personal Protective Specialist
  • Must be able to pass our pre-employment background investigation, the physical fitness standard evaluation and controlled substance testing
  • Have DCJS credentials

At this time, The Tribe Circle will not sponsor a new applicant for employment authorization for this position.

Job Category: Safety & Security
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Virginia

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